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A vida de Mala Aviada

A vida de Mala Aviada

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A Brandi finalmente deu o nó. Aqui fica o relato escrito por ela: 


Hey everyone!

It's long overdue but I want to update everyone on our wedding!

It was a total blast! We got married in a falling down barn and we had an amazing bluegrass band called Pickled Okra, a Molly Moons ice cream truck, cupcakes, wood fired pizza and our favorites The Secret Sisters played an amazing set.

I got pretty teary during the ceremony but Catherine was graceful and composed in true British fashion! Cath’s mom made an amazing speech and my mom, sister and Amber made the whole day possible.

See I’m sure all weddings have an insane week preceding the event but me and Catherine might have won that contest.... Neither one of us could have even dreamed of getting cold feet! We had a house full of English women and one Southerner! Bailey (the dog) had to be rushed to the vet on our wedding day, and the day before the wedding we had to put down one of our goats (RIP Tim). To top it all off our priest didn't show up! Ha ha! (Not her fault but it'll be one of those funny stories well be telling for years). My church friends Jason and Mandy were there and Jason performed the perfect ceremony with 15 minutes notice!

It was truly one of our best days, completely awkward and human and beautiful. I'm married to my best friend and nothing has ever brought me more joy than that.

Thanks for all the love and acceptance we've experienced from our friends and families, even those of you we’ve yet to meet.


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